Starting Your Own Group

Starting your own group to push back against 5G is easier than you think. Of course, we recommend joining an existing group if you can, but if no one else is picking up the ball, it may be up to you.


Here are six steps to get you started:


1. Learn the facts about 5G. Read our science explained section to learn about the scientific studies on wireless exposure and human health. Environmental Health Trust is another great resource for information on 5G, as is the website of one of our local groups, Citizens for 5G Awareness. Both groups have good fliers you can use.  For people who are completely new to the issue of wireless radiation, is a good place to start.


2. Watch "Generation Zapped." This powerful documentary film covers the basics of wireless radiation and its impacts on people. You can buy or stream the video online. We recommend you get your own copy so you can show it to friends and share it with local officials. 

3. Invite some friends or neighbors over to talk about the issue of wireless radiation. You might want to show them the "Generation Zapped" trailer, share a copy of one of our flyers, or give them  our booklet "Wireless Radiation: An Undeniable Threat to Human Health." Explain that citizen groups all over the country are pushing back against 5G. Collect email addresses (ironically, email and social media are our best organizing tools) and promise to be in touch.

4. Start a Facebook Group page and invite all the members of your group to like the page and share it with neighbors. Make sure to include the name of your community in the name of your page, and keep the name positive ("Sunnyville Citizens for Safe Technology").


5. Print out your own flyers (feel free to use ours as templates) with the name and web address of your group, and hand them out at public events, town meetings, school events, street fairs and other places where people congregate. You will be surprised how many people share your concern about 5G and will want to learn more. Encourage them to join your group. (For some samples, see our took kit.)

6. Show up at your town meetings. It's critical that local officials are aware of the growing opposition to 5G in their communities. Give them copies of your fliers, or hand them copies of our booklet. If you can, lend (don't give) them a copy of "Generation Zapped" to watch, or offer to show it to town officials at a convenient location and time. 


Remember to always post about your group's activities and events on social media.


Stay in touch and let us know how we can help you!