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VICTORY: Oregon for Safer Technology Defeats Cell Tower Application at Southern Oregon University

Thanks to the efforts of Oregon for Safer Technology, AT&T's application to install a 4G LTE tower in the form of a 105-foot tall stealth monopole was denied by the City of Ashland, Oregon on the basis of aesthetics on May 22nd.

"The decision: "After consideration of all information contained in the record, the Staff Advisor finds that the application fails to meet the burden of proof in demonstrating that the visual and aesthetic impacts of the proposal will be mitigated to the greatest extent possible with the placement and design of the installation according to stepped hierarch of the city’s design standards. The applicant’s collocation study and alternative sites analysis is insufficient in demonstrating that collocation or placement on an existing structure are not feasible. Relief from collocation requirements calls for a clear demonstration that sufficient height cannot be achieved by modifying existing structures or towers, and the application has failed to consider how the structures considered might be modified to achieve their needs while meeting community design standards. Without an adequate demonstration to that end, an alternative structure cannot be approved through the stepped hierarchy of the design standards.

Planning Action PA-T1-2020-00097 is therefore denied."

Read the full decision here.

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