• 5G Crisis

Verizon and Honeywell Create LTE-Connected Smart Meters

A partnership between Honeywell and Verizon aims to accelerate the rollout of smart energy grid technology.

The companies claim that smart energy grids "can improve energy use, reduce outages, optimize energy expenditure, and help utility companies respond to usage spikes." But who's taking into consideration how much energy is actually needed to operate these data-guzzling systems? Or in what ways energy expenditures are "optimized" if energy companies are able to increase energy prices during peak usage times? What about security and privacy issues and the increased vulnerabilities associated with wireless systems compared to wired systems? Not to mention the scientifically-proven health risks associated with exposure to wireless radiation, the radiation emitted by these "smart" devices...it seems there are many more cons than pros...read more about the Honeywell and Verizon collaboration here.

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