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Residents in Verona, NY Battle Verizon's 184-Foot Cell Tower Proposal

Residents of Verona, a small community in upstate New York near Syracuse, are battling Verizon and their local government officials to stop the installation of a 184-foot Verizon cell tower.

Residents of the community were not properly notified of the proposed cell tower per the Town's code. Only three of the 26 residents living within 500-feet of the proposed installation site received notification.

Town residents are concerned with this being the third Verizon cell tower within a 2-mile radius. There are also concerns with the tower’s proximity to homes and potential health effects associated with chronic exposure to wireless radiation. Most unsettling is the presence of approximately 20 children that reside near the proposed parcel. Also troubling residents is the inevitable devaluation of their properties and the anticipated diminished aesthetic value of the area resulting from the addition of the tower.

To date, Verizon has failed to address a multitude of flaws in the application uncovered in an official report completed by the Town’s structural engineer, prompting residents to retain legal services which resulted in a memorandum of opposition being presented to the Town. The memorandum, which is available for viewing upon request, discusses overwhelming evidence that the tower application should be denied in its entirety.

Cara and Jeff Hull, residents of Verona, are working tirelessly with several other neighbors against the installation. Cara and Jeff explain, “Apparently this project has been in the works for over five years and we are just hearing about it now. Throughout this entire process the Town has been more of an obstacle than an ally. Our hearts break at the idea of having to leave our home. Well aware that we may have to leave, our 4-year-old often exclaims that he doesn’t want to move and that he loves our home and his friends in the neighborhood, further increasing the heartbreak of the situation.”

The concerned Verona residents ask that you please help them in their fight to protect their families and community from Verizon by sharing this story.

For further information on this particular cell tower case, please send a direct message to Parents Against Cell Towers in Residential Areas on Facebook.

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