• 5G Crisis

Proposed Lawsuit Could Save Lake Tahoe & Other Sensitive Environments from 5G Telecom Takeovers

A group of residents from South Lake Tahoe, California are planning to launch arguably one of the most critical environmental lawsuits of 2020. But they need your help to do it.

Lake Tahoe, straddling both California and Nevada, is the second deepest lake in the United States, a pristine environment treasured by millions and home to endangered species. But thanks to profit-hungry telecom companies and their “captured” regulator at Tahoe, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA), this magical place is on the fast-track to destruction.

Over 100 unregulated, radiation-emitting 5G antennas have already been installed throughout the area, and the TRPA is getting ready to approve the construction of a 112-foot cell tower smack in the middle of Bald Eagle habitat!

If we don’t stop TRPA now, Lake Tahoe as we know it will not survive the looming telecom takeover.

Lawyers are ready to go to federal court to ensure that the TRPA doesn’t get away with ruining Tahoe forever. If successful, the case will protect the Lake from future wireless infrastructure deployments and could even set legal precedent for our National Parks and other sensitive environments.

Please consider donating to help support this critical cause. If you are unable to donate, share the fundraiser with friends and family.

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