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Peaceful Protestors Forcefully Removed from AT&T 5G Installation Site by Berkeley Police

On October 5, a group of ten WiRED "pole watchers" (including some "camping out" in a tent pitched on the sidewalk next to the disputed pole on Gilman were reportedly "man-handled" by a contingent of BPD officers who physically assaulted the activists. Two frightened activists named Wanda and Vivian were reportedly grabbed and "shaken like little rag dolls." Sorgen (a veteran of many protests) said her treatment "wasn't excessive" though "there's a sore spot on one forearm" from being dragged down the street "because I went limp." 

According to witnesses, at least 20 police showed up. One officer announced: "If you don't want to get arrested, get out of the way" but that was immediately followed with the order: "Every officer grab a person!" 

"It was really brutal and bad," according to Juty Blue, who was standing vigil at the Gilman pole. "It was 3:30 morning and there were only eight of us, which made it easier for police to rough us up. They grabbed and pulled and pushed people. They were rude and horrible." 

Sierra Murphree, who was occupying a tent on the sidewalk, was dragged away from the pole while still inside the tent. 

At the same time, a smaller contingent of protesters was confronted by police at the construction site near the Monterey Market. A 61-year-old protestor named Jason Winnett suffered a pulled muscle after being roughed-up by the officers. Meaveen O'Connor was left with bruises on her body and CodePink campaigner Cynthia Papermaster said the police were so aggressive she feared "they were going to break my arm." 

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