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Over 500 Wireless Antennas May Flood Yellowstone National Park

AccessParks, a specialized Internet Service Provider that works directly with National and State parks, wants to install over 500 wireless antennas throughout Yellowstone National Park.

The proposal calls for the installation of up to 484 antennas on employee housing and visitor lodging facilities. The plan also includes the installation of 39 large antennas and 12 new microwave dishes. View photo simulations of the desired installations here.

Jeff Ruch, Pacific Director for Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), a non-profit environmental protection organization, commented on the proposal in a June 2020 press release by saying, "As the telecom footprint spreads, Yellowstone’s scenery is condemned to death by a thousand antennas and microwave dishes...The documents we have reviewed indicate that Yellowstone managers sacrificed policies protecting park resources to the preferences of a commercial vendor."

According to PEER, a notable aspect of the lead-up to AccessParks' proposal was the August 2019 removal of 100 trees, in a stand approximately 30 years old located in recommended wilderness, because they reduced signal strength from a passive reflector.

Is this the future of our national parks? And how would increased radiation coverage in the park impact wildlife and the surrounding environment? Read the science on the environmental effects of exposure to wireless radiation here.

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