• 5G Crisis

Over 40 States Organizing to Fight 5G Antenna Installations

Since its establishment in August of 2018, Americans for Responsible Technology (ART), a science-based environmental health non-profit in New York, has grown into the largest coordinated grassroots movement seeking to provide local activists and local legislators with tools to help protect communities from being blanketed in 5G "small cell" installations.

With 130+ 5G awareness groups now operational across 41 states, ART is focused on circulating the ever-growing body of peer-reviewed, independent scientific research on wireless radiation health risks, educating local legislators about property devaluation concerns associated with 5G installations, and offers sample legislative language that local governing bodies can adopt to restrict the placement on 5G antennas in residential areas.

You can join a 5G action group near you here, or learn how to start your own here. For more information about how to get involved in 5G action efforts, please email report@5gcrisis.com today or call 516-883-0887.

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