• 5G Crisis

ONLINE STORE: Informational Door Hangers; A Stress-Free Tool to Educate Neighbors About 5G Risks

For some folks, it can be awkward and uncomfortable to approach people on the street and talk to them about 5G health risks. That's why we developed our colorful and effective informational 5G door hangers!

With our newest 5G action tool, now all you have to do is attach a door hanger to someone's front door to deliver a strong and lasting message to members of your community about 5G risks. It's a great stress-free way to take action and get loud!

Educate your neighbors about 5G risks. Get your door hangers HERE.

During your morning jog, or when you're walking the dog, make it your goal to drop off 20 door hangers each week to different parts of your neighborhood. Few people know about the looming public health problems with 5G, so it's up to us to help educate and encourage people to join us as we fight the unfettered rollout of 5G near our homes and schools.

Grab some informational 5G door hangers HERE.

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