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Oak Brook, IL Unanimously Approves Motion to Pass 2 Resolutions To Restore Local Control Over 5G

On July 14th, the Village of Oak Brook, Illinois unanimously voted in support of the adoption of two resolutions, both of which call for the restoration of local control over the deployment of broadband and 5G.

"Staff recommends the Village Board approve Resolution 2020-IT-GL-R-1891 calling for an Amendment of the Illinois Small Wireless Facility Deployment Act to Return Control of Local Right-of Ways to Local Municipalities or, in the Alternative, Repeal of the Act; and approve Resolution 2020-IT-GL-5G-R-1892 Supporting Federal Bills H.R. 530 and S. 2012 to Restore Local Control in 5G/Broadband Deployment."

Read the approved motions to pass the 5G resolutions starting on page 59 of the document.

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