• 5G Crisis

NOW AVAILABLE: Free, Downloadable 5G Warning Signs

If they're permitted in your neighborhood, our utility pole signs are a great way to inform your neighbors about the dangers of 5G. (Feel free to replace the bottom content on the sign with the contact information for your local 5G action group!) Download your sign here.


1) Download and print as many signs as you like (yellow printer paper, also called "goldenrod" paper, is best so that the signs are easily visible to the public).

2) If you have sheet protectors, slide each individual sign into its own individual sheet protector to prevent the sign from getting damaged by inclement weather.

3) Tape or staple flyers to telephone poles, lamp posts or any other place where a 5G "small cell" antenna could be installed. Choose locations where people walk their dogs, shop or congregate.

4) Post pictures of your flyers on social media!

Note: Some communities may prohibit the placement of signs in your area. (How ironic that they would prohibit signs, but allow 5G antennas!) If you have any doubt about the legality of posting signs, please consult your local officials before posting. Thanks for taking action.

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