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Nominee for Congress Issues Formal Statement on 5G Risks

We must have representatives in Congress that are willing to stand up to telecom monopolies and their quest to install hazardous 5G antennas near our homes and schools.

Read Marie Newman's statement, the Democratic Nominee for Illinois' 3rd District, on her commitment to protecting the rights and safety or residents from 5G below:

Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

I want to express my commitment to stand with constituents who raise valid points about the potential health, cyber security, and privacy risks associated with 5G technology. As the next Representative for Illinois’ Third Congressional District, I am committed to protecting and advancing the health, safety, and well-being of this community, and to ensuring that every single one of us has a voice in Washington. I share your issue with telecom monopolies' ability to railroad new and less-understood technology into our communities without full and diligent consideration of all possible externalities by federal regulators. I am committed to holding corporate power in check, certainly when the health of our community is in question, and will work with my colleagues to ensure that federal regulations are strong and that corporate power is reigned in. I pledge to work with you to better understand this issue, and to address your evidence based position in Congress.

Marie Newman

Democratic Nominee for Congress, Illinois 3rd District

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