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No Credible, Evidence-Based Science Directly Linking 5G to COVID-19

Over the past few days, the public relations machines of the wireless industry have ramped up their news feeds, making sure that every news outlet in the world gets this message loud and clear:

Opponents of 5G are crazy, even blaming 5G for COVID-19!

This perception, being burned into the mindsets of decision makers in Washington, medical and science reporters and the general public, makes our job of pushing back against never-tested 5G antennas infinitely more difficult.

The fact is there is NO credible, evidence-based science to support the conclusion that 5G is responsible for the worldwide pandemic.

Yes, there are thousands of studies proving that radio-frequency (RF) microwave radiation ("wireless radiation") can have severe biological impacts, and that's why we are so deeply worried about 5G, but there is no proof of a direct link to 5G and COVID-19.

So please refrain from sending, forwarding, circulating, re-posting, re-tweeting or in any other way promoting email messages or videos suggesting that the current pandemic is caused by 5G.

Thank you.

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