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Nokia Software Can Instantly Transition 4G Antennas to 5G

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Tech companies are doing everything they can to streamline the transition from 4G networks to 5G.

Yesterday, Nokia announced the availability of a new software-based upgrade that will enable 4G/LTE antennas to instantly transition to 5G antennas. This software would reduce the need for tower climbers and costly antenna site visits, activating 5G in the blink of an eye.

Privacy and security issues are both inherent with 5G. According to Nokia's press release, the software relies on third-party data storage and service distribution services, which could expose the company to risks relating to "security, regulation, and cybersecurity breaches."

American telecom carriers, like AT&T, forge ahead and are busily planning to develop and implement software upgrades to quickly transition their 4G networks to 5G in the near future.

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