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Flawed FCC Cell Phone Radiation Testing Leads to More Questions Than Answers

Last August, The Chicago Tribune published a watershed investigative report that found some popular cellphone models emitted wireless radiation levels significantly above federal limits.

In response to the Tribune's alarming findings, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) conducted its own cell phone testing. Just this week, the FCC released its report, finding – not surprisingly – that all eight models evaluated were in compliance with its 23 year-old wireless radiation safety guidelines.

But here are just two of the many glaring problems with the FCC's testing:

1) Most of the phones tested by the FCC were supplied by the cell phone manufacturers themselves, allowing the manufacturers to pretest devices to ensure that they would pass the FCC tests.

2) Testing conducted by the FCC did not include the pocket-distance (2mm) test, which is where most Americans carry their phones. Another example of the FCC using our taxpayer dollars to protect the industry instead of the public...

Read the Chicago Tribune's detailed news of the FCC's findings here.

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