• 5G Crisis

FCC Commissioner Wants to Send Wi-Fi Hotspots Home With Students

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, millions of children are completing their academic curricula online via e-learning platforms. FCC Commissioner, Jessica Rosenworcel, is calling on the FCC to "use its power in this emergency to provide schools with Wi-Fi hotspots to loan out to students who lack reliable internet access at home."

While we believe every person should have access to the broadband they need, wi-fi hotspots will emit dangerous levels of wireless radiation and do not deliver a safe and responsible means for connecting our kids during this difficult time.

Implementing an emergency program to lay fibre optic cables to areas lacking broadband access is the best means for providing faster, safer, and more secure internet connectivity. What do you think?

Read FCC Commissioner Rosenworcel's op-ed about Wi-Fi hotspots here.

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