• 5G Crisis

FCC Accused of Colluding with Telcos to "Rig" 5G Rules

Twenty-four cities filed their own lawsuits against the FCC on October 30, in the 9th Circuit, seeking to halt the FCC order — but this came after the four telcos had already filed suits on October 25. The implication is that the FCC directly leaned on the carriers themselves to file the suits, with the ultimate goal of invoking a judicial lottery. When cases are filed in more than one circuit, the court to hear the cases is determined randomly from all the courts in which cases have been filed. This provided an opportunity to move the case out of the 9th Circuit and into a friendlier venue. This kind of tactic is standard operating procedure; patent trolls have an infamous relationship with the Eastern District court in Texas precisely because it’s notoriously friendly to their particular type of business “innovation.” Read the news here.

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