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Department of Defense Fears FCC's Decision on Ligado Will Imperil GPS Systems

On April 19th, the FCC granted Ligado Networks LLC’s (Ligado’s) mobile satellite services (MSS) license modification applications, allowing the company to deploy a low-power terrestrial nationwide network in the 1526-1536 MHz, 1627.5- 1637.5 MHz, and 1646.5-1656.5 MHz bands to facilitate Internet of Things (IoT) services and 5G.

As senators reconvene on the Hill, the Armed Services Committee will hold an in-person hearing tomorrow, May 6th, to discuss Ligado’s contentious 5G plan which the FCC approved despite the Pentagon's concerns that the service could disrupt the nation's GPS signals.

Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), said last month, "When people try to push bad policy through in the middle of a crisis, without much coordination with seemingly anyone else, it makes me wonder about their motives."

The FCC and Ligado will likely not be testifying as both parties deny that GIS disturbances would arise from Ligado's planned network.

To view the agenda for tomorrow's hearing, click here.

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