• 5G Crisis

Congressional & State Electoral Candidates Commit to Protecting Voters From 5G in Illinois

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Grassroots organizations in Illinois, namely Illinois for Safe Technology, Illinois Western Suburbs for Safe Technology, Stop 5G Chicago, Stop 5G Together Illinois, Stop 5G Western Springs & Neighbors, Stop 5G Hinsdale & Neighbors, Stop 5G Clarendon Hills & Neighbors, and Glen Ellyn VHP, are working to educate electoral candidates about 5G risks and the need to safeguard local control over the deployment of 5G cell towers.

Within the last few weeks, six statements have been provided by elected officials and candidates in support of protecting voters from aggressive telecom industry efforts to blanket entire communities in their wireless infrastructure to facilitate next gen technologies.  

Illinois US Congressional Candidates US House of Representatives Mike Fricilone (R) - 3rd District Marie Newman (D) - 3rd District Jeanne Ives (R) - 6th District US Senate Mark Curran (R)

State Election Candidates Illinois House of Representatives Representative Deanne Mazzochi (R) - 47th District Laura Hois (R) - 81st District

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