• 5G Crisis

California - the 5G vote is TOMORROW. Log your opposition to SB-556 NOW!

Tomorrow, June 9th, the California State Assembly Committee on Local Government will vote on SB-556, a telecom corporation-backed bill that, if passed, would severely limit local governments' ability to say ‘no’ to a 5G cell tower being installed near your home.

We need you to call every member of the Committee on Local Government before tomorrow! If you are calling after normal business hours, just leave a voicemail.

We have been getting reports that some office mailboxes are full or are not taking messages. If you call an office and experience difficulty getting through, please call the Assembly members' district office phone number. To find the district office phone number, simply click on the Assembly member's name on the left side of the screen here and you will automatically be redirected to his/her website. Under the 'contact me' section on each page, you will find the members' district office contact information.

California State Assembly Committee on Local Government Cecilia Aguiar-Curry (Chair): 916-319-2004 Tom Lackey (Vice Chair): 916-319-2036 Richard Bloom: 916-319-2050 Tasha Boerner Horvath: 916-319-2076 James C. Ramos: 916-319-2040 Luz M. Rivas: 916-319-2039 Robert Rivas: 916-319-2030 Randy Voepel: 619-258-7737

Access the SB-556 Fact Sheet Here


Sample SB-556 Caller Script:

Hi there, My name is _______ and I am a California resident. I am calling today to express my strong opposition to SB-556 which will be voted on by the Committee on Local Government tomorrow, June 9th. SB-556 further undermines local control over the siting of wireless telecommunications equipment in public rights-of-way, does nothing to address the digital divide, and tips the scale in favor of telecom corporations' interests over community interests. Please log my opposition to this bill. Thank you!


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