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BREAKING NEWS: 25 Countries Participate in 5G Global Protest

5G, the next generation of wireless technology, has never been tested for long-term safety. Yet, the telecom industry continues to charge forward with its plans to connect every “thing" and “event" on Earth, a wireless web that will require the deployment of roughly 100,000 broadband satellites into space and millions of new terrestrial cell wireless antennas.

Increasingly discouraged by the lack of balanced media coverage on the 5G issue, thousands of people took to the streets on September 26th across 25 countries to raise awareness of 5G health and environmental risks, privacy issues, and next gen tech's projected massive carbon footprint.

According to Stop 5G International's most recent press release, protesters believe there is just too much at stake for the future to be governed by short-term, corporate interests.

Media Contacts: Tanja Rebel; Kate Kheel

Organization: Stop 5G International

Email: team@stop5Ginternational.org

Phone: 07528237190 (UK), 410-756-6175 (US)

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