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Are Wireless Antennas in Your Area Emitting More Radiation Than They're Allowed To?

Wireless carriers and their subcontractors are busy blanketing our communities in wireless antennas, all of which emit radio-frequency (RF) microwave radiation ("wireless radiation"). Per the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) regulations, wireless antennas and other wireless devices are only allowed to expose the general public to certain amounts of radiation. But who's monitoring these antennas to ensure that they are compliant with the FCC's emissions limits? Odds are, nobody.

Your local legislators can change that. Encourage your local legislators to include the following language in the town's wireless telecommunications facility ordinance to ensure that the telecoms stay within their bounds:

The Town shall have the right to employ a qualified independent radiofrequency engineer to conduct an annual random and unannounced test of the Permittee's small cell wireless installations located within the Town to certify their compliance with all FCC radiofrequency emission limits as they pertain to exposure to the general public. The reasonable cost of such tests shall be paid by the Permittee.” (This language was extracted from the 5G Crisis sample 5G municipal code which you can access and send to your local legislators here.)

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