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American 5G Pushback Groups are Getting Bigger (and Stronger)

With each passing day, new 5G action groups are sprouting up across the U.S., pushing back against the unfettered rollout of 5G-enabled antennas near homes and schools. The FCC, the federal agency created to regulate the telecom industry, is instead enabling telecom companies in their quest to blanket every community in America with wireless radiation frequencies that have never been tested for long-term human safety. (Read the news about the protest below here.)

Various localities have successfully deterred the implementation of 5G antennas on the basis of environmental risks under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), aesthetics, and property value depletion concerns.

Join a group near you today! If you don't see a group in your area, we can help you start your own! Contact us at report@5gcrisis.com to learn more about how to impede 5G deployment in your area and/or energize your local officials to fight back against the greedy telecoms!

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