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Alabama Introduces New 5G Fast-Track Bill, But Cities Are Raising a Red Flag

A new state bill recently introduced in the Alabama State Legislature, SB 172, if enacted, would streamline the deployment of 5G radiation-emitting antennas in close proximity to the public, severely limiting local leaders' ability to adequately protect residents' interests.

Many representatives from municipalities have voiced their grave concerns over the legislation, and Executive Director of the Alabama League of Municipalities, Greg Cochran, insists that a statewide 5G rollout standard is the wrong way to go.


"This bill would establish a procedure by which wireless providers would be authorized to colocate, mount, or install small wireless facilities on existing poles, or install new poles on the right-of-way of the state or any agency, county, or municipality thereof.

This bill would exempt small wireless facilities from certain zoning review and approval procedures.

This bill would establish a procedure for the permitting of the development of small wireless facilities and poles in the rights-of-way of the state.

This bill would establish rates and fees for all permits for small wireless facilities."

Read the full bill text here.

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