• 5G Crisis

80 Cities Blanketed in New Wireless Radiation Frequencies Never Tested for Human Safety: Risky much?

Thousands of peer-reviewed, independent studies show that wireless radiation harms human health and the environment at-large. Now, millions of radiation-emitting 5G antennas are being hastily installed across the world close to where people live and work. This sounds like a public health crisis waiting to happen...don't you think?

"AT&T is planning for nationwide 5G coverage by the end of this year, and has been slowly progressing towards that goal. The operator’s latest low-band rollouts included Denver, CO; Cincinnati, OH; Columbus, OH; Albany, NY; Binghamton, NY; and Athens, GA. AT&T now has low-band 5G coverage in a total of 80 cities across the country."

Read more about AT&T's latest 5G rollout news here.

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