Shuren Petition

With this petition, we demand that the FDA investigate the agency's public comments regarding the recent National Toxicology Program's study of wireless radiation. An official of the FDA, whose wife works for the telecom industry, has falsely claimed that the study did not find significant health effects associated with exposure to wireless radiation.



The number one dumbest “smart” device we’ve ever encountered is the wireless diaper from Pampers, designed for parents who are so addicted to their electronic devices that they can’t tell when their baby needs to be changed. Sign our petition to get this product off the market!

FCC Hearing Petition

With this petition, we ask Congress to investigate the recent decision by the Federal Communications Commission to refuse to update its 24-year-old microwave radiation safety guidelines, despite thousands of published peer-reviewed studies demonstrating biological harm from exposure to wireless radiation.  

Congressional Petition

With this petition we call on our representatives in Washington to support a Congressional Briefing on wireless radiation health risks to the American public. The briefing will allow us to bring experts to the Capitol to inform members of Congress and their staff about the risks associated with exposure to wireless radiation.

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