Is 5G safe for kids?

A growing number of medical doctors and public health experts warn that long-term exposure to wireless radiation is harmful. 

• Independent, peer-reviewed science shows exposure to wireless radiation is harmful.

• New small cell antennas are being placed in close proximity to homes and apartments.

• FCC exposure guidelines are more than 20 years out-of-date and irrelevant today.

• The rollout of 5G will mean a massive increase in involuntary exposure.

• Children are uniquely vulnerable because of their developing physiology.

• Health impacts include neurological damage, reproductive problems and cancer. 

• A national Day of Action is planned for May 15th. See below for more information. 

Hundreds of independent, peer-reviewed, scientific studies have confirmed that long-term exposure to radio frequency (RF) microwave radiation (wireless radiation) causes biological harm, impacting the body's biological, chemical and electrical systems. Health issues associated with this type of radiation range from neurological and cognitive problems to cancer. Children are more vulnerable because of their immature and still developing bodies.


The rollout of the new 5G technology requires the deployment of hundreds of thousands of new, powerful small cell antennas, placed in close proximity to our homes and apartments. Many public officials and health experts are beginning to question the close proximity of this new infrastructure in light of new studies that confirm that chronic exposure to wireless radiation is now a proven health hazard.

We believe that children have a right to play in their yards and sleep in their beds without constant, involuntary exposure to low-level microwave radiation.


And as parents and grandparents, we believe the health of our children is more important than the profits of private companies. We believe we have a responsibility to protect our children from harm.

On Wednesday, May 15th, concerned parents and others will hold peaceful sidewalk rallies in front of telecom retail stores across the country, calling on them to voluntarily stop their deployment of small cell antennas in residential areas until their technology can be proven safe.


Join the growing number of responsible citizens pushing back against the rampant rollout of 5G/small cells.


Visit for more information and an interactive map of rallies happening across the country. 


Thank you for your support!

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