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When the FCC proposes a new rule or order, the public has the opportunity to comment.
Right now we're suggesting that people submit their comments regarding FCC 20-52
"Notice of Proposed Rule Making."
Comments are due by Thursday, June 25, 2020. 

Synopsis of 20-52 - The FCC proposes to give $9 billion to telecom companies for them to expand 5G wireless broadband to rural areas across America. 


Our Analysis:

Every American deserves access to fast, reliable, secure, private and inexpensive broadband internet. But this proposal is a waste of taxpayer money, a government handout to rich and powerful telecoms, and a betrayal of millions of consumers who have already paid for fiber optic connections. 

1.  4G/5G antennas need to be connected to a fiber optic cable to function. Those cables connect the antennas to the internet.  But those same fiber optic cables could simply be connected directly to homes and businesses in rural areas, giving those folks fast, reliable, secure, private and inexpensive broadband access without the security, privacy and health risks associated with wireless networks.  


2. For decades, rural telephone customers have been paying rate increases, taxes and extra fees on their phone bills to finance the construction of a national fiber optic network that would connect every phone customer in the country. The telecoms collected billions of dollars, but instead of connecting everyone, they spent the money developing wireless instead.  


3. America's three biggest telecoms collected over $358 billion in 2019, so they should be able to finish the fiber optic network without taxpayer help. If 5G is installed instead, telecoms will be able to charge consumers whatever they want (wireless service is unregulated) and rural customers will have no choice but to pay.

Sample Comment: I strongly object to the 5G Fund for Rural America (Docket No. 20-32) and any other efforts to provide additional funding to the telecom industry for the buildout of their 5G wireless networks.

For decades, consumers have been paying miscellaneous service fees and rate increases on landline phone bills that the telecom companies were supposed to use to build out a national fiber-optic network. Instead, the telecoms utilized "creative accounting" tactics to divert monies intended for fiber-optic build outs to fund their wireless business instead.

Rural customers are entitled to the fast, safe, secure, private and low-cost internet they were promised. Instead of rewarding the telecoms with more taxpayer dollars, the FCC should be holding these companies to their promise. 

Last year alone, the three largest US telecom companies (Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile) collected over $358 billion in revenue. They've got plenty of money to build out the fiber optic network (which is required for 5G anyway) without further burdening the American public. And frankly, the FCC has no business helping those who have already helped themselves. 

Thank you for your consideration.
Sincerely, ___________

Watch this quick video to learn how to make Express comments to the FCC.
Notice: When submitting comments, please use the Docket # 20-32.
We don't know why the FCC tries to make the submission process so confusing.