How to submit comments to the FCC

When the FCC proposes a new rule or order, the public has the opportunity to comment.
Right now we're suggesting that people submit their comments regarding FCC 19-226
"Notice of Proposed Rule Making."
Comments are due by Wednesday June 3, 2020. 

Issue #1: The FCC is planning to establish "safe" human exposure guidelines to ultra-high frequencies, above 100 Gigahertz (GHz). (Click here to read more
Issue #2: The FCC is considering allowing manufacturers to average the radiation output of consumer devices over time. (Click here to read more.
Issue #3: How should the FCC regulate Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) technology that can wirelessly charge devices while the user is in motion? (Click here to read more.
Watch this quick video to learn how to make Express comments to the FCC.
For instructions on submitting Standard comments with attachments, please see below. 

Instructions for submitting "Standard Filing" comments with attachments.

(Courtesy of Environmental Health Trust)


1. Click on this link


2. Click on "Submit a Filing" navy blue Tab, at the top of the page.


3. Click on "Standard Filing" Tab.


4. Fill out all "required" fields and click "Enter" or "Return" before you go to the next field. The field should turn yellow when you click enter.

Required Fields are:

  • "Proceeding(s)" - Type in 19-226

  • "Name(s) or Filer(s)" - Type in your name - Click enter

  • "Primary contact email" - This is optional, but you may want to include to get an email confirmation of your submission.

  • "Type of Filing" - Click "Comment"

  • "Address Of" - Click "Filer"

  • "Address" - Type in your address

  • "City", "State" and "Zip" - Type in your city, state and zip code. Be sure to click enter after completing each field.

  • "Upload Documents" - You can drag and drop up to 5 files as long as they are less than 25 MB. If you have additional files you will need to submit multiple times.

  • You can click on "email confirmation" to get a confirmation of your submission emailed to you. (You have to include an email address above if you want this.)

5. Once all fields are filled - click on the blue button "continue to review screen".

6. Review your submission and click submit.

7. Make sure you write down your confirmation # so that you can check on your submission.

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