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Sample Small Cell Code for Villages, Towns and Small Cities


We've collected the best ideas from cities and towns all over the country that are pushing back against the FCC and the unfettered rollout of small cell wireless facilities. 


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Wireless Radiation: An Undeniable

Risk to Human Health

This 18-page annotated booklet is designed to give decision makers at all levels of government a basic understanding of the science linking exposure to wireless radiation with biological harm, and how this harm can be manifested in different outcomes in different people.  See a few pages from the booklet. 


The booklet is only available in hard copy from the 5G store


The Basics of Successful Lobbying 

We're going to need everyone who cares about this issue to make their feelings known to their elected representatives. Letters, emails and phone calls are all good, but nothing beats a personal meeting.  To help you get the most out of your meeting, we've put together a short fact sheet with the basics of successful lobbying.

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Sample State Law Establishing 5G Commission

Many state lawmakers believe that 5G is a federal issue and they are powerless to do anything about tit. But this is not true. Several states have established commissions to investigate and report on the health and safety issues of wireless radiation in general, and 5g in particular. Here is a sample law any state can use to establish a commission. 

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Sample Letter to the Editor


A simple letter to the editor can often be your best way to reach people in your community and recruit new members to your group. Make sure yo include your contact information!

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Town Resolution - Stop 5G

Many communities have adopted resolutions to address 5G risks and to raise public awareness about the rollout of 5G antennas near homes and schools.

Here’s a sample resolution any village, town or city can adopt.


Informing Your Neighbors