Help Protect the Girl Scouts from Wireless Radiation!


Hundreds of peer-reviewed, scientific studies have linked exposure to RF microwave (wireless) radiation with serious reproductive, neurological and other health problems. Proximity to the radiation source has been identified as a significant factor. Even cell phone manufacturers warn users to keep devices away from the body. 

The new Girl Scout uniforms have been designed with a sash containing a special pocket for cell phones, keeping the phone in close proximity to the reproductive organs and developing breasts of young girls.

We call on the Girl Scouts of the United States of America to protect the health and safety of all young scouts and reduce their exposure to harmful RF microwave radiation by: 

(1) Removing the special pocket for cell phones in the sash and encouraging scouts to carry their phones only in backpacks or other places away from the body;


(2) Educating scouts and their leaders about the science linking exposure to  RF microwave radiation from cell phones with serious health problems;

(3) Encouraging scouts to use cell phones only when absolutely necessary, and only on speaker mode or with headphones rather than holding the phone near the head.