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"The rapid deployment of infrastructure to support 5G, the next generation of wireless communications, requires the installation of hundreds of thousands of new radiation-emitting antennas in close proximity to homes, apartments, schools, daycare centers, nurseries, hospitals, and businesses. 


"We believe that members of Congress must be briefed by the independent scientists and experts that have conducted research on the human health and environmental effects of exposure to radiofrequency microwave radiation (“wireless radiation”).


"Our ever-increasing exposure to wireless radiation is a looming and urgent public health emergency. We call on our representatives to expedite a Congressional Briefing on wireless radiation health risks to the American public."

Ever since the dawn of the wireless age, the telecom industry has been hard at work in Washington to convince lawmakers that there is no scientific evidence linking exposure to radiofrequency microwave radiation (“wireless radiation”) with adverse human health impacts. Unfortunately for us, many representatives have taken the industry’s bait, and now instead of protecting public health, they're busy protecting the industry's bottom line.

Meanwhile, a robust body of independent, peer-reviewed science documenting the harms of wireless radiation continues to grow. Included in the literature is the National Institutes of Health $30 million-dollar cellphone study which found "clear evidence of carcinogenicity."
It's imperative that members of Congress hear from the independent scientists who have been conducting research on the health impacts of wireless radiation and we're prepared to bring these scientists to Washington to speak at a Congressional Briefing.
But we need your help to convince Congress to listen!

Please help by signing this petition to members of Congress, urging them to sponsor a Congressional Briefing on wireless radiation health risks. The more people that support this petition, the more effective our collective 5G pushback efforts will be across the nation.